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How to accomplish more in your life by doing less


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when things don’t go as planned, or when multiple things happen all at once and throw you off track. There are seasons in our life and seasons in our life. They come and they go, and throughout those seasons, things change. We change as we grow and go through different seasons too.

Sometimes your life is going great and everything is smooth as butter. Then there are other times when things aren’t working for whatever reason and you might need to take a step back and just kind of shut it down for a little bit.

It’s okay to let things stay how they are, so you can get back to what you love and enjoy doing. It’s okay to give yourself permission to not go full speed ahead all the time. It’s okay that you aren’t moving as fast as you were a year ago, or you haven’t quite met the goal you had set. Understand that everything can’t happen all at once.

I can relate to wanting to do everything, and wanting to nourish all of your passions and ideas.  Don’t let yourself get caught up in the urgency to do everything as soon as possible. We need to constantly work on moving away from the mindset that everything has to go as planned. It is okay to relax and be content with where things are, with the understanding it is a different season in your life, and that things won’t always be that way.

Take the time to focus on what’s most important in each season. Focus and allow yourself to have the best growth personally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
A former mentor of mine, Libby Crow asked recently: “Which season are you in? Are you in slay, play or lay?” Slay would be where you’re really working it, you’re at the top of your game, and everything’s going great. Play is where you’re working your life maybe not as hardcore as you had in the past, but you’re still having fun with it and doing a little bit there and playing around with it. The ‘lay’ season is where you’re just kind of letting things go. Where whatever’s going on is going on and you’re not really focused or doing much more than the minimum that’s needed to get by. Maybe you’re just letting things breathe, because other things in your life need your attention more right now. 

Which season are you in? There isn’t anything wrong with either one and I think we go through all of those at different times in our lives.  Everything is a season. 

The best way you can grow and accomplish more is by focusing on your priorities and eliminating all the things that aren’t your “best yes” in your current season. Once you do that, you’ve given yourself direction, and simplified things, you will feel less overwhelmed.

You can do anything but that doesn't mean you need to be doing everything

Remember that you just because you can (or you want to) do anything doesn’t mean you need to be doing everything. Be careful with your time and with your choices. Be careful with your thoughts and your mindset. Be careful about how you look at your life, and pay attention to how you treat and think about yourself, and the relationships you have.

There is a time and a season for everything. Trust that whatever season you are at right now is where you are supposed to be. Trust that you’re there for a purpose and that you’re going to learn something from it. 

Spend some time figuring out what is most significant to you and where your priorities need to be right now.  Create a plan of action from those priorities with the tasks and projects that will help you achieve your goals the fastest and easiest way. Work to create ease and flow in your life. Always follow the path of least resistance if you want to accomplish more in less time (and be less stressed and overwhelmed).

PS. Want to learn more about what to focus on to really enjoy your life and achieve goals that are aligned with whatever season you are in? Check out my Plan your CEO Life Workshop & Workbook here.


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