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How to take action before you feel ready


The biggest barrier to our success and happiness usually is within our own minds, right? No matter what anyone else says, does or believes about us, what we believe about ourselves & the world around us determines what we do in our lives & businesses.

It’s a constant work in progress for me to manage my anxiety & panic attacks and all the old stories and beliefs that try to tell me “I’m not good enough, no one really likes me, I can’t handle it all, I’m not capable, everyone is going to be upset at me, I’m all alone, I’m not as outgoing as I should be, I’m not pretty enough, I don’t always say things the right way…”.

Sometimes I get SO frustrated at myself for still having those thoughts and how hard it is to rise above the noise in my head…

I know how the brain works though, I know how things can get hardwired into our subconscious. I know how past trauma has caused a lot of my anxiety.

I know that fear is simply our brains’ way of trying to protect us from something it perceives will harm us (often based on memories of similar things that harmed us in the past).

But then I start to think: “I’m a coach, I’ve been trained in this stuff, I’ve been practicing it for years, I’ve been in all kinds of therapy too, I should have overcome it all by now… Maybe this means I’m not qualified to help anyone else when I am still trying to help myself? I’m not good enough yet, pretty enough yet, healthy enough yet, who am I to think I can do this, I should just give up…”

Ah, there’s that old perfectionist, people-pleaser, being too hard on myself, trying to achieve impossibly high expectations old story creeping up again…

Time for a visit with the TRUTH…

We don’t have to be perfect, we don’t have to have it all figured out, we don’t have to be at a “10” to help someone else get from a 1 to 3 or a 3 to 5…

How to take action before you feel ready

We all have experiences, passions, perspectives, lessons, stories to share that someone else needs help with. We can all make a difference.

We don’t have to reach any certain stage, status, weight, appearance, “enoughness” first to take action on our goals and start living a more authentic and fulfilling life or growing our businesses.

When we choose to listen to those voices, the old stories, the anxiety, the nonsense, the lies in our heads – we are also choosing to not show up, to not serve, to not share, to not help others.

I don’t know about ya’ll but I would rather choose to show up, serve, share and help others with the than to sit inside alone and listen to those old (and wrong) stories…

Even though it’s hard some days, even though I know I’m still going to mess up and I’m going to still have difficult things to work through…

Shifting your mindset, rewiring thought processes, recognizing harmful habits and patterns and beliefs and doing the work to change them, it really never ends.

It does get easier & there are strategies and tools that help make it easier to shift your thoughts, overcome fears and become more confident & content.

I share those strategies and more in my Cultivating Confidence Class for anyone who is ready to build their confidence and start living their imperfect, messy and beautiful best life too. Click here to learn more.


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