Blog How writing down your goals can help you achieve them

How writing down your goals can help you achieve them


You’ve already begun setting your goals and thinking about how you can achieve them based on the tips in part 1 of this article. Now it’s time to get those goals out of our heads and onto paper! Grab a notebook or a journal and a pen or pencil. We are going to use the old-fashioned method for our goal writing. Today we are going to write 100 goals. Yes you read that correctly, 100 goals. To get started on writing your goals be sure you consider your vision for your life.  Look at your vision board and consider the items on it. What smaller goals will you need to attain to reach those bigger goals? What steps will it take for you to actually be able to enjoy the life you have envisioned? Mark Victor Hansen shares a few other tips for goal setting that I think are important to consider as well. (The suggestions below are my own paraphrasing.)

  • Make sure your goals mean something to you, are for you and not just for your family or others. I often care too much about what others think and have ended up setting goals based on what I thought others wanted for my life instead of what I truly wanted. Don’t make this same mistake.
  • Your goals should be challenging and exciting. They should make your smile, get that fire going inside of you and relate to what you are truly passionate about.
  • Your goals need to be flexible. Not every goal is going to come to fruition in the time frame you want it to. Life may change, you may change, circumstances may change. Just because you write it down and you don’t accomplish it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Be willing to shift your time frame for your goals around and adjust your goals as life changes.
  • Make sure your goals also line up with your values, ethics and morals.Use your gut instinct when setting goals. You know deep inside your heart what is right for your life and what will make you truly happy. Follow that tug on your heart!
  • Remember to keep things in balance. Schedule in time for your spiritual walk, church, relaxation, family time and fun activities. Don’t be all work and no play. Keeping your life balanced is essential to happiness.
  • Your goals should answer questions like: what do I want to do, what do I want to have, where do I want to go, where do I want to live, what legacy do I want to leave, what do I want to learn, do, improve on, who do I want to spend more time with, how can I improve my health and live life to the fullest, what career do I want to have, how much money do I want to earn, save, invest, what talents and abilities do I want to improve or utilize?
  • Lastly, even though these are your goals, don’t get so caught up in yourself and what you want for your life that you end up sacrificing others or your relationships with others.  I believe life is what we can give back to the world, what we can accomplish for God and what we can do for others.  “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” Booker T. Washington

Now you are ready to get started writing down your 100 goals. Just start writing and let your heart lead you. Don’t be afraid to dream. No dream or goal is too big or too small.  Writing down all of these goals will help you narrow down what you truly want to achieve, accomplish and enjoy during this year and the rest of your life. If you have any big revelations or goals you want to share, feel free to comment below! Have fun goal-setting!PS. Want to learn more about what to focus on to really enjoy your life and achieve goals that are aligned with whatever season you are in? Check out my Plan your CEO Life Workshop & Workbook here.


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