Blog How your mindset determines your success

How your mindset determines your success


Why do some people achieve their goals and enjoy success while others don’t? I think the difference comes down to our mindset and beliefs about what’s possible or allowed for us to be, do & have.

Our mindset and beliefs are the engine that controls our actions, our habits, our patterns and the things we do on a daily basis. Of course, those daily habits are what create the outcomes in our life in the long term.

If we deep down, don’t believe we are good enough, we are capable, we are deserving, we are worthy, we are brave enough, we are allowed to want for, ask for and have more than we have right now and be more than who we are right now…. Then, we are not going to ever be able to allow ourselves to actually have the success we desire.

We’ll continue to hold ourselves back, to shrink, to repeat patterns of 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.

And the opposite of all that is true as well. If we work on your self-belief, if we have a growth mindset, believing we and everything around us can change and improve and we work from a place of “I’m good enough, I am capable, I believe in myself” – then we will be able to enjoy more success and work more consistently.

We get what we tolerate… We can tolerate complacency & fear or we can courageously ask, believe and work for what we want to be, do & have.

If we want things to change but we aren’t willing to do the work to change our beliefs & habits, nothing will ever change.

If you’re ready to uncover those beliefs and shift into your most confident self, check out my CEO Shift Challenge here.

What will you courageously ask for, believe is possible this week & take action towards?



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