Blog The fastest way to find and create stunning social media graphics and content

The fastest way to find and create stunning social media graphics and content


Let’s be honest… Coming up with & creating content for your blog, social media, FB pages and groups can be super time-consuming and frustrating…  

Searching for the right images or trying to take decent pictures…

Trying to do those awesome custom images you see everyone making in Canva with titles and templates…

Coming up with ideas for topics, researching hashtags, keeping up with all the trends and changes in social media platforms…

Who has the time and energy for all that when there are more important things to do to grow your business?

Last year I figured out a short cut that not only saves me mega time in creating my content but has also improved my results on social media (and helped make my sites and social media much more appealing!)

I actually hesitated to share this short cut with you because I kinda wanted to keep it unique to my own content…

But it’s just too good and too valuable for me to keep to myself…

I often get asked where I get all my stock photos and images you see on my sites & social media. 

I have experience as a graphic & WP designer (true story, I ran a design business for about 4 years and designed logos, graphics and WP blogs for about 180 clients!) so I know how to make my own images and designs but it takes up a LOT of TIME…

About this time last year, I found the most amazing stock photo membership that not only has thousands of gorgeous photos but also:

– tons of custom Canva templates

– business, marketing & social media training

– daily content ideas for social media

– marketing tutorials 

– and so, so much more 

– plus a great supportive community! 

By using the gorgeous stock photos, premade templates and social media ideas, I have gotten back hours and hours of time…

Time that I can use for writing, creating products, growing my business, serving my tribe, living my life…

So what is this magical product I’m rambling on about???

It’s Ivory Mix Stock Photos’ VIP Membership ran by the incredible Kayla Butler. 

The VIP Membership is available to join only a few times a year (and just so happens to be open during the first week of March, right now!)

(I’m even going to give you another bonus if you decide to join with my link, keep reading for details!)

I’ve been a member of multiple stock photo sites over the years and all of them cost 3 to 4 times what Ivory Mix does and none of them include this many photos and the social media content and all the training classes too!

I even used to run my own membership with monthly content ideas, graphics & training specific for direct sellers and charged way more than than Kayla does. I can’t believe the value you get for the price with Ivory Mix!

The Ivory Mix VIP membership is only $137 a year! We’re talking $11 a month for all these benefits:

• Instant access to over 4500+ styled stock photos, graphics, social quotes, and Canva templates (and growing weekly)

• 100+ new stock photos every month (delivered twice a month!)

• 30+ Monthly Ready to Use / Customizable Social Media Quotes monthly

• 30+ Monthly Social Media Captions

• 15+ Monthly Exclusive and Custom Canva Templates

• Single Image Search and Download Library

• $700 BONUS access to all Ivory Mix online courses 

• $120 BONUS access to The Creative Boss Method workshop series (worth $120 – included for free!) 

• NEW INFOGRAPHIC & LISTGRAPHIC CANVA TEMPLATES Create stunning info-graphics for your Social Media accounts

• NEW VISIONARY AWARDSYour chance to win monthly prizes inside the membership and have your content and knowledge shared with The Ivory Mix community.
SAVE 30% as a VIP – you get the benefit of only paying once all year and having it barely work out to just over $11/mo 

There is a quarterly membership option but you won’t get access to as many images, the courses & bonuses that you do as a VIP (and it only costs about $30 more to become a VIP during the next 6 days!

This is without a doubt one of the BEST investments I’ve made in my business to help with my content and marketing.

You can get all the details of what’s in the VIP membership and sign up here.

(this is my affiliate link, if you buy through it I may make a small commission. I only recommend and promote a few companies that I personally use, love and believe in!)

BONUS! If you join Ivory Mix as a VIP member through my link & email me that you did, once I confirm it – I will send you FREE access to my Blogging 101 Class, Workbook & Blogging Set Up Checklist. 

This class will teach you the steps to take to get started blogging for your business, how to choose your blog’s name & url, creating your blog’s key pages and content, figuring out your branding, writing your content plan, planning your first 50-100 pieces of evergreen content and my strategy to turn every blog post into 10-20 pieces of content for social media, newsletters and more!

NOTE: You MUST email me at to let me know you signed up through my link or I cannot send you the bonus.


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