Blog The Secret to Consistency in Your Life and Business

The Secret to Consistency in Your Life and Business


Whatever your goals are for your life or business, consistency will be the not-so-secret ingredient to achieving them.  Here are 5 things you can do to be more consistent this year and stay on track to reaching your goals.

1. Break your goals down into activities. Goals are the starting point but your daily activities are the gasoline in the vehicle that gets you to your destination.  If you are in direct sales or network marketing and you have a goal to reach $3000 in income each month for instance, what you need to do is figure out how many new contacts you need to make each month, how many parties you need to hold, how many team members you need to recruit and what your team sales needs to be. Or if you are an online marketer, and your goal is $3000 in revenue, then you will need to figure out how many product sales, new clients, and sponsored content projects you need to average in order to reach your goal. If your personal goal is to lose weight, then figure out the activities you need to change to accomplish that like eating healthier, exercising and reducing stress. Then you can break it down even further to the activities you need to do on a regular basis to find those new customers, to get new clients or sell more digital products or to eat healthier meals and exercise every day…

2. Focus on creating new habits. Put your time, energy and focus into creating the new work schedule and better life you are seeking. It’s much easier to create new habits than to fight old ones. As we re-train the patterns in our brain, it will become easier to complete the new tasks, routines and goals we have. Write out what an ideal day would look like for you in your life and business then begin working to follow that new routine each day. Choose 1 area to focus on changing at a time to allow your brain to adjust to the new way of thinking and being.

3. Evaluate your activities each day, week and month. The only real way to make sure you are making progress and staying on course is by evaluating what you are doing on a regular basis.  Have a daily check list or a weekly task list / theme days list that you use to keep yourself on track. Then look at it at least once a week to see what is going well, what isn’t going so well and where you need to improve or adjust. I like to do this on Sunday afternoons when I am planning for the upcoming week so I know what I need to focus on to reach my goals faster.

4. Seek Accountability. Change can be difficult, so adding in accountability measures can help give you incentive, encouragement and ambition to do the work. Share your goals and your “why” with your family and get them on board. Find a buddy at your work or an online friend to connect with on a regular basis for accountability. Create a vision board and write your goals down and reflect on them often. Participate in a FB group related to your goals. Join a monthly group coaching or training program that provides support and accountability. Be willing to hold yourself responsible and learn from others who are further along the path than you are.

5. Celebrate your progress. The purpose of a goal is to create a target for you to focus on that moves you forward. Sometimes life happens, we might make mistakes or get off track. Most likely we won’t achieve ALL the goals we set or it may take us longer to reach them than we hope. It’s important that we continually celebrate our progress, that we practice self-love and be our own biggest cheerleaders. Keep taking the next step forward and focus on progress not perfection. 

Remember that when you do the work consistently, the results will always come.  Here’s to making progress and being more consistent all year long in your life and business!PS. Want to learn more about what to focus on to really enjoy your life and achieve goals that are aligned with whatever season you are in? Check out my Plan your CEO Life Workshop & Workbook here.


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