Blog Why being a CEO of Me is so important to me…

Why being a CEO of Me is so important to me…


Recently in one of the networking groups I am in, another member asked a very intriguing question. She was attending a conference and they mentioned that our “brand” should boil down to one word that ultimately describes what drives you to keep working from home or continue in your business and why it is a passion for you.

There were many great answers and words shared by others. Words like: family, income, fun, sharing, commitment,  social, helping, experiences, opportunity, confidence, belonging, growth, connection, coaching and friendships were all mentioned.

I began thinking about what one word would describe why I do what I do and why I desire so strongly to help others become their own CEO of Me®’s too.  From direct sales to blogging to web designing and now Coaching, over the past decade+ there has been one big thing driving me…


Freedom… The freedom to be my own boss, to choose when and how I work and to determine my own worth. The freedom to be myself without limits, fears or worries about what others think, to share my experiences, to be creative and to have fun. The freedom to make as much or as little $ as I want based on how much I am willing to work and put into what I am doing. The freedom to grow, gain confidence, to become a better person and to have unlimited opportunities and experiences.

Most of all the freedom to be able to help others learn & experience all of those things too…

Working for someone else or in a traditional “job” there never was any freedom or opportunities like that for me…  I punched a time clock and did as I was told. I wasn’t allowed to be creative or truly be myself and use my talents and abilities. I never felt a sense of passion or reward for my efforts and time.

Being a CEO of Me® is hard work, there are a lot of pros and cons to being your own boss. I have made more mistakes and failed more times than I have succeeded.  Some days, weeks, months and even years have been better than others. Sometimes I am amazed that I have made it all these years being totally self-employed. The rewards have always been worth all the hard work and sacrifice though.

I’m so grateful for all the experiences, people and opportunities. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few years and beyond bring!  Anytime I get discouraged I just try to remember why & who I am doing this for and all the people I have already had the honor of working with and helping and that keeps me pushing on.

Whoever you are, wherever you are in life, I just want to encourage you to believe in yourself and in your dreams. If you are seeking freedom, extra income, friendships, confidence, flexibility or fun – you are the only one who can do something about changing your life.  Seek God’s purpose for your life, find your passion and go for your dreams! The life you have always imagined is out there waiting for you! If I can do this, so can you!

Even if you can’t quit your job, devote some time to doing something that you love and enjoy, whether it’s starting your own blog, direct sales business or selling your awesome handmade items on the side or just volunteering with a worthy cause in your community in your spare time.

Life is too short to be miserable. Make the most of every day, every talent and every relationship you have!

If I can inspire others to embrace that “CEO of Me®” mindset (whether that’s being self-employed or just making the most of their lives) then I feel like I have done something right with my time here.

PS. Ready to make that shift to being a CEO of your own life too? Check out my CEO Shift Challenge & Workbook here.


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